Report Cards & Grading 
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Double cGrading School report cards are issued to students on a quarterly basis except for Kindergarten students who receive their reports at the
end of each semester. For questions regarding grades, please contact the classroom teacher.
Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade
4-point Grading Scale:
4=Exceeds grade level standards: exhibits exceptional quality work consistently, shows creative ways of thinking, applies
learning to other subject areas and life situations
3=Meets grade level standards: demonstrates knowledge and understanding, applies learning to other subject areas
2=Approaching grade level standards: demonstrates some knowledge and understanding, requires extra time, instruction,
assistance, and practice
1=Needs Improvement, Below grade level standards: needs more exposure and modeling to develop knowledge and
understanding, requires an extended amount of time, instruction, assistance, and practice
X or N/A = Not assessed at this time
5th Grade
Grading Scale
A 100-95 B 90-87 C 82-79 D 74-72
A- 94-93 B- 86-85 C- 78-77 D- 71-70
B+ 92-91 C+ 84-83 D+ 76-75 F 69-0